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Seattle Flashcards

The Emerald City's most entertaining and unexpected stories illustrate the meanings of vocabulary words in this unique set of flashcards. Almost all of the black and white photographs are one-of-a-kind historical images.

The cards have simple pronunciations on the backs and include the following words: latent, fledgling, prolific, formidable, fallacious, anthropoid, arduous, avid, gelid, singular, stigmatized, disquieted, savvy, incommodious, provisional, reclaimed, harrowing, heterogeneous, precarious, expeditious, conjugal, plucky, adroit, dogged, lucrative, intrepid, zealous, precipitous, virulent, purloined, titanic, impetuous, calamitous, aberrant, and audacious.

Boxed, shrink-wrapped set of thirty-five 5.5'' by 3.5'' cards, made in Seattle on sturdy, high-quality card stock. Intended for ages 12-adult.





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