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Cats & Dogs Flashcards

Funny "stories" from cats and dogs illustrate the meanings of vocabulary words. Each flash card includes a photograph, caption, and usage phrase, giving a hard-to-forget context to the vocabulary.

The cards have simple pronunciations on the backs and include the following words: corroboration, rue, disgruntled, dexterous, sojourn, artifice, erroneous, egress, malodorous, consternation, infraction, wily, giddy, remuneration, disenchanted, disingenuous, unrepentant, misadventure, listless, agitated, mirth, trounced, implausible, discord, machinations, goad, ambivalent, punitive, maladroit, imperative, grouse, imperious, sardonic, abashed, hapless, plight, rapt, resolved, pugnacious, rendition, embellish, addled, fortuitous, incredulous, convalesce, veracity, sated, cowed, rash, gesticulate, jubilant, epicure, vexed, quandary, skeptical, malevolent, corpulent, demise, aspiration, and connoisseur.

Boxed, shrink-wrapped set of sixty 4'' by 2.75'' flash cards, made in Seattle on high-quality card stock. Intended for age 12-adult, but kid-appropriate.




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