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Animals Flashcards

Amazing stories featuring wild animals illustrate the meanings of vocabulary words. The vocabulary is associated with unusual facts, making learning fun and easy. Eye-popping photographs are primarily from internationally renowned photographers.

The cards have simple pronunciations on the backs and include the following words: aesthetic, impish, translucent, incongruous, homeliness, anomalous, gregarious, inconspicuous, protrusion, spectral, outlandish, extant, ornate, frigid, feign, longevity, distended, entranced, behemoth, deft, unpalatable, voracious, appendages, ruddy, lope, glutton, placid, confound, daunting, flourish, truncated, prodigious, virtuoso, flaccid, sustenance, carapace, obscure, agape, prowess, noisome, potent, acrid, secluded, partial, forlorn, mimic, tactile, bravado, mutable, lithe, ploy, and gorge.

Boxed, shrink-wrapped set of fifty-two 4'' by 2.75'' cards, made in Seattle on high-quality card stock. Intended for ages 12-adult, but kid-friendly for younger readers.




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